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ACTi was launched on 1st January 2015 in order to service the growing actuarial demands of the non life insurance industry.
At a time when the regulatory and commercial environment is experiencing considerable change we aim to offer valuable practical solutions to our clients.
Our Team


Our senior management team have over 70 years of actuarial experience between them.  We have worked with and understand the challenges facing a range of entities from niche insurers to the world’s largest companies. 


We are insurance practitioners and have supported firms to provide practical solutions to both operational and strategic management of the business. We are used to working with senior management teams and explaining actuarial concepts in a clear concise way so that the output and results from our work can be effectively integrated into the business.

Practice Areas


ACTi offers a range of actuarial services including capital & risk management, pricing, reserving and beyond. We believe that actuarial work should be business focused so that there are clear advantages to be gained for the company.


Even where there are statutory or regulatory requirements for an actuarial opinion we will deliver advice that will have direct benefits to our clients.


Our clear aim is to understand our client's business and to make recommendations that are communicated clearly so that improvements to the business can be implemented effectively.

Contact Us




15 Princeton Court

53-55 Felsham Road


London SW15 1AZ



Areas of Practice
Pricing & New Product Design




Capital & Risk Management 

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